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Born in the heart of Motown in 1989, Airy has always had a passion for music and the arts. Growing up in the era right before technology and ease of access, she spent a lot of time visiting the Detroit Institute of Art. Thus began her passion.

Airy’s first love of the arts was in the form of music. She played percussion throughout elementary and most of middle school. It wasn’t until one teacher pushed her past her comfort zone, that she discovered her love for painting and drawing. Mrs. Francis (Airy’s ninth grade art teacher) and she did NOT get along at first. By the end of the year, Airy was rewarded with an entire cabinet display to paint as she desired.


In High School, she decided to switch gears from band and pick up Art as her primary elective. She fell absolutely in love. Her first painting won an honorable mention in her local art show. By the time Airy was in Twelfth grade, she was awarded a mural space on a wall of her choosing in her high school. She received a couple scholarships to attend College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, but decided her real desire was to move out of state.

Airy attended classes at Art Academy, in San Francisco, CA. She majored in Fine Art and Digital Art. She got married shortly after her first semester in college, deciding to put her education on hold.

Six years and two children later, Airy rediscovered her passion for art in an unlikely source: Fluid Art. She takes her love for vibrant color and knowledge of color theory and creates interesting poured paintings. After a while, she became inspired by space and the astounding colors of natural phenomena created in supernovas and nebulas. She has taken her love for the cosmos and fluid painting, and has been creating various space-scapes with acrylic paint pouring and epoxy resin.

Airy has been featured in a co-op event at "The Shop at Flywheel Press" in San Mateo, CA. Her first solo show was featured by Ameriprise Financial in downtown San Jose. SHE participates in the monthly Maker's Markets AT Santana Row and San Pedro Square, and is a resident artist at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose.

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