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Shockwave Design

Original artwork, jewelry, and housewares by Airy Kurktchi

I create original pieces of artwork with resin, pigments, glitter, and paint. They are one of a kind pieces for your walls, counter-tops, corporate lobbies, restaurants and jewelry. I strive to make each piece meaningful and unique. My favorite forms of inspiration lie in naturally occurring phenomena. 

My Story

I have been doing various forms of art for as long as I can remember. My Mom had a "rainy day" box full of art supplies, and whenever we were stuck inside, we would get to play with all of the supplies in the box. I have explored everything from clothing design, to clay work, to tessellation.

Now I am exploring space. I have found resin art to be where my heart is. I love pouring an acrylic background and finding cells hidden in the flow of the paint. Then utilizing that background, pouring resin onto it, adding colors, and manipulating it with heat. In the end I have created my own piece of the universe. Each nebula has it's own personality that I try to coax out with a bit of patience.

Resin work requires you to work at a somewhat fast pace, so I am always thinking a step ahead. My colors are pre-planned, and close at hand when I am ready for them. Working to make these pictures into space gives me an almost meditative feeling. It is very calming, and rewarding.

Custom Work

Bartop for Concord Tap House in Concord, California

Shipping & Delivery

Abstract Straight Lines

Contact Us

I can create fully custom items including Paintings, bar-tops, jewelry, and coasters. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can!

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